Zaddy's Comb

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What’s so special about the Zaddy’s Comb?

  • Top-ranked Wooden Beard Comb

  • One-Piece Construction

  • Impact-resistant and Firm

  • Built to last

  • Wooden Beard Comb

  • America’s number one wooden beard comb

Beard Comb vs Brush?

  • We recommend both especially if you're growing your beard

  • This beard comb is recommended for a medium to long beard when it comes to thickness.

  • This beard comb is meeting barber’s choice for medium to long beards when it comes to styling.

Beard Comb vs Brush/Beard Comb vs Brush?

  • Zaddy’s Beards recommends that you start off with Zaddy’s Beards brush but once your beard becomes full you should transition to a comb.