Zaddy's Brush

$ 8 $ 16

What’s so special about the Zaddy’s Brush?

  • Shape: Oval (Most-Versatile Beard Brush Shape)

  • Bristle Type: (Boar Bristle)

Why did Zaddy’s Beard decide on this type of beard brush?

  • We are often imitated but never equaled

  • Boar Bristles promotes even distribution of beard balm and oil into the beard

  • The Zaddy’s Beads brush sets the standard and is travel-friendly for the on the go Zaddy.

  • Simply put the Zaddy’s Brush is the best beard brush

Beard Brush vs Beard Comb

  • We recommend the beard brush for any beard type (Short to Long).

  • The beard brush and comb is recommended for medium beards to long beards.

  • Check out the Zaddy’s Comb if you are in the market for 2019’s Best Beard Comb.

Which way to brush beard?

  • Zaddy’s Beards always recommends that you brush the beard in a downward motion.

  • This motion helps get your balm or oil spread evenly in your beard.

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