Limited Edition Beard Care Bundle

$ 100 $ 125
  • What makes this the ULTIMATE beard grooming kit?

  • The Zaddy’s Beards limited edition beard care bundles include everything Zaddy needs to grow a healthy beard. 

    • 1 Zaddy’s Beards 8oz Shampoo  

    • 1 Zaddy’s Beards 8oz Conditioner

    • 1 Zaddy’s Beards 2oz Beard Cream

    • 1 Zaddy’s Beards 1oz Beard Oil

    • 1 Zaddy’s Beards Boar Beard Brush

    • 1 Zaddy’s Beards Wooden Beard Comb

    • 1 Zaddy’s Beards embroidered towel
    • 1 Zaddy’s Beard Room Spray 4oz

*Limited Time Offer while supplies last*

  • Who is this Beard Bundle for?

    • The hardworking Zaddy that enjoys smelling good

    • The Zaddy that is still in search of the best beard care kit or best beard grooming bundle

  • How many days of use will I get from this beard bundle?

    • Light Use (Shampoo and Conditioner every 2-3 days) - Bundle can last up to 45 days 

    • Heavy Use (Shampoo and Conditioner every day) - Bundle can last up to 30 days

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